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The Hamlet

In Tuscan countryside protected by the European Union
Agriturismo Borgo Personatina is only 10 kilometers from Siena. Surrounded by olive groves and located in the heart of a terrain with forests, natural springs, and historical and artistic heritage sites, it has been declared a “Site of Community Importance” by the European Community. This hilly area has a forest of oak trees, holm oaks and broom called “La Montagnola.”

A working farm and a farm holiday structure
The rural portion of the Borgo once accommodated the farmers, storehouses and stables. These areas have been converted into an apartment for guests that is called La Corte, the homes of the owners, offices, storerooms and technical buildings of the modern working farm.

The Villa and all its services

With its 19th-century ambience, it is built on the remains of a medieval tower, whose characteristic arched windows are still visible. It now features a big kitchen with a large dining room inside, an outdoor terrace with a panoramic view, where lunches and dinners are served to our guests, as well as two apartments dedicated to farm holiday stays: La Villa and La Scala.
Its articulated and extremely flexible configuration allows the villa to be rented in part or in toto, from a single room for two people to an apartment sleeping 4, 8, 12 or 16 people.

The church

The small church dating to the 1700s and now deconsecrated is emblematic of Agriturismo Borgo Personatina, just one of the ancient parish churches and rural chapels that dot Siena’s countryside.

The outbuilding

Unaltered on the outside, it has been completely restructured inside and designated as a private home.

The piazza

A place of transit and rendezvous, the piazza links the main buildings of the Borgo and continues on into the farmyard, with its nearly pristine brick pavement which the tenant farmers used for threshing their grain.

The garden, the vegetable plots, the swimming pool

Enclosed by a high stone wall, the garden of Agriturismo Borgo Personatina can be entered from within the villa and from the parking lot. The upper part of the garden has small vegetable plots with tuff bricks, a walkway of aromatic plants, a few olive trees for shade, and a terra-cotta tiled terrace. A row of Virginia creeper and two pergolas divide this area of the garden from the lower portion, which features the swimming pool embedded in the lawn.

The name

It seems that the name of the Borgo, “Personatina,”  comes from the ancient vernacular expression “per una suonatina,” an encouragement to celebrate after the long, hard work in the fields. A name justified by the traditional end-of-harvest dances that, for centuries, were held on the estate.

The Hamlet

Photo gallery

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Virtual visit

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