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The Owners

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By the pool Luna Orsa Fiore and her sons

Fiore and Orsa await your arrival
To be a guest at Agriturismo Borgo Personatina means to live next door to the owners and supervisors, Fiore Bocca and Orsa Pellion di Persano.

Fiore and Orsa were born in Piedmont and are first cousins: their mothers are sisters and, as often occurs in “matriarchal” families (a widowed grandmother, 3 daughters and a preponderance of granddaughters), they grew up like sisters between Turin and the large family villa in Castagneto Po.

A physical and sentimental reference point for the whole family, the country house was the place where, during the frequent family reunions, their traditions were renewed, important events were celebrated, continuity was fostered and the inter-generational relations were consolidated. In this serene and joyful milieu, the doors were also often open to friends and guests, who gladly partook in pleasant days of conviviality and sharing.

This is the atmosphere Fiore and Orsa grew up in, and this is what they wanted to recreate when they decided to bring to life their project for Agriturismo Borgo Personatina.

Following in the footsteps of her youngest aunt, Orsa Pellion di Persano  moved to Tuscany when she was twenty, to begin a lengthy period of study and research in cultural anthropology. This is where she learned to use olive oil instead of butter, to rub garlic on bread, and in particular, to perceive what lies behind food: stories, art, wisdom, relations.

She graduated from the University of Philosophy and the Arts of Siena with a research thesis on women and domestic rituals in an African village. A scholarship sent her to Great Britain to take specialization courses in the “Anthropology of Food and Health.”

The topic of food, so closely tied to her interest in women’s issues and cultural anthropology, also became fundamental for her “subsistence”: to round out her scholarship endowment, she accepted a friend’s request to collaborate in cooking for various families in London and organize dinners and banquets with classic Italian dishes. One evening the lead singer of Pink Floyd called them, asking if they would prepare his birthday dinner.

After returning to Italy, she renewed her contacts with the University of Siena and began her Ph.D. in the “Anthropology and History of Nutrition.” After years of study, Orsa decided to put her knowledge of food and nutrition to work, organizing cooking courses for tourists and travelers in Tuscany. More than just lessons, these encounters became true cultural appointments, moments of flavor and knowledge providing a sense of the breadth and wealth of the worlds of cuisine. This was the beginning of her professional activity as an anthropologist, gourmet, and co-director of Agriturismo Borgo Personatina.

After completing her classical studies in Turin, Fiore Bocca also moved to Tuscany in 1989, to study at the Department of Archeology of the University of Siena.
She began her university life participating in various excavation campaigns and onsite research in Tuscany, Puglia, Lazio, Lombardy and France. Her research on pottery and ancient and medieval architecture steered Fiore toward the art and traditions of the rich cultural patrimony of Tuscany and convinced her to search for a way to put this passion of hers to good use.

And so, after the birth of her first son in 1999 (two more were to follow, in 2000 and 2004), Fiore decided to look for a place where she could combine her family duties with her work and study interests. The project was conceived to open a farm holiday structure, and she and her cousin Orsa began the adventure of Agriturismo Borgo Personatina.

For almost five years, Fiore oversaw the complex renovation of the Borgo, in full respect of the architecture and the original structure but also adopting all the new eco-technologies on the market: solar panels, water recycling, and eco-friendly lighting and heating systems.

Thanks to the cooperation and involvement of the whole family (a set-designer sister, aunts expert in flowers and gardens, a cousin who loves to cook, the encouragement and support of her mother), the first of the Agriturismo Borgo Personatina houses was completed and in 2007 Borgo Personatina welcomed its first guests.

Fiore Bocca is in charge of the estate’s working farm, of the 500 beautiful olive trees that each year produce the “yellow gold” that is typical of this area, cultivated in full respect of organic agriculture.

Care and love for this land, a passion for food, knowledge of traditional Tuscan cuisine and more, the good taste and style of the houses and furnishings: these are the pride and success of Fiore and Orsa’s commitment, the natural complement to their job of offering welcome and hospitality. Their hope is that all this will, in turn, be appreciated by the guests who choose to spend their vacation at Agriturismo Borgo Personatina.

The Owners

The Owners

To be a guest at Agriturismo Borgo Personatina means to live next door to the owners and supervisors...

The Reception

At Agriturismo Borgo Personatina, every service is dedicated to guaranteeing our guests the maximum ...